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> I think the current gen. is making some strides in moving music in the
> right direction.

see, when I speak, for the most part, I don't waste my words. I said I don't 
have MUCH to gloat about, meaning there are some things I'm proud of. like you 
pointed out, the music. there's some great bands out there working. 
raconteurs, white stripes (led by the same guy. go figure. ha), wolfmother are pretty 
good too (though I don't have any of their CDs). there are some other ones that 
that radio program "underground garage" has introduced me to. the charms, the 
Len price 3 (a modern day who dare I say it), the kaiser chiefs' new album 
sounds pretty good. and there are others like the yeah yeah yeahs and the 
noisettes who are phenomenal and original.   bravo for you kevin for finding 
positivity in the current generation despite your older age. ; )

as far as al gore is concerned, I've said before that whenever a politician 
gets involved with something, there's usually something a bit sinister behind 
it.  I understand where roger and geldof are coming from, but no one has said 
where the energy for the "Live earth" shows are coming from. I read an article 
where more and more touring acts are using trucks that supply bio-diesel and 
other energy sufficient supplies (only 25% less dangerous. ONLY 25%..), but 
what about the shows themselves? they use alot of energy, physically and 
electrically.  I mean if you really wanna go "all green", let's get serious. but 
there'll probably be something that'll come around and accomodate that. maybe not 
now, but we're REALLY under water. 

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