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Translated from the Dutch via Babel Fish: 

' sex and rock-'n-roll keep me young ' 
Roger Daltrey (63) Friday with The WHO in Antwerp 

Friday is it in Antwerp once more up to that point: after the Stones land also the ouwe rockers of The WHO on Belgian floor. 
Mathias Danneels 

It was the intention that The WHO the Antwerp sport palate would sell off, but the link is must swerve to the smaller hall. The WHO played previous year already at dancing on Rock Werchter. Moreover so many dinosaurussen do summon dezer our country, which it must that all of the same generation rockliefhebbers (water, Deep Purple, Stones, Fogerty...) also the vijftigplussers by their vrijetijdsbudget gone to be. When I Roger call Daltrey in London with the communication that I knew tommy from the naked head in 1969 complete pieces, - in contrast to Vergilius - the ice have immediately break. 

You draw already more than one half mensenleven with Pete Townshend, according to reports difficult people. How do you succeed that? 

Roger Daltrey: By not sitting and each other give freedom on each other's lip, both artistically and physical. There its years passed that I hardly saw the man. But when the studio or a tournee beckons, we can immediately on full strength to the work because the chemistry of our relation works still. But I am glad that I must be not with him getrouwd, if that it is what you mean. 

The WHO stand both for uncomplicated oerpunk and for loodzware operas and dark, what dark songs concerning the situation of ground and sky. On the recent ' Endless Wire ' stand a couple of those tough rags. 

Pete are a complete very complex man. Appalling much read, show themselves concerned for the situation in the world and the society. Concerning how religion is abused. Concerning how technology exists our changes. And how music a expedient offers. Not only to make a fist, but also going just as by the roof. Admitted: it costs sometimes only effort me to where understand Pete want textual gone. But I do my best understand what he means with its cryptic communications. That sings more easily and improves. 

You have zowat had everything and done what god has prohibited. Toch you accelerate enthusiastically with the young snaken of Razorlight. Do people get never enough of sex, drugs and rock-'n-roll? 

It is judiciously and wise of the drugs keep off, certainly know. But the two other ingredients keep people, however, longer young, yes. I do not want do about that pretentious but it does natural pleasure when new bands refer to The WHO as one of their most important musical influences. That was half-way the years the seventy this way then Ramones, The Clash and The jam told that they had refuelled also a beetje of our energy. That this thirty years after the punk still the case is, does complete Who-familie the much pleasure. 

How is it on 63 person whose birthday it is to age ' Pictures or Lily ', bring a song concerning zelfbevrediging? 

That number we have already obtained tijdje of the setlist. My Generation do we, however, still. Because it is for old and young of permanent value. This is US! 

Does a jet ear to flarden go there still once? 

' I promise nothing you but it is possible always.' 

-Brian in Atlanta 
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