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>From the Dutch via Babel Fish: 

A siddering goes by the room after openingsriff of Townshend 
Music Gijsbert chamber 

Rotterdam - in the ten years which had expired since The for last in the Netherlands WHO to see was, bass player John Entwistle the link have slipped, but made the link also of its better plates, Endless Wire (2006). 

It seems even, however, that now only zanger Roger Daltrey and gitarist Pete Townshend still from the original bezetting concerning to be improves, The WHO then then they still plays drieën with’z n were. Natural, drummer Keith Moon did (die in 1978) is considered still always as irreplaceable, but John Entwistle?

Pino Palladino did not play its parties unthinkingly after, Tuesday in exactly sold off Ahoy, and Townshend false context song of the last years made even still even ridiculous with an imitation Entwistles.

No, Daltrey and Townshend have it this way very well to their sense, and the game pleasure radiated this time also much more of the podium then ten years suffered, then the integrated vertolking of dubbel-lp the Quadrophenia (1973) on the programme stood.

With tests, pocket Starkey completed on drums and Pete’s brother Simon as second gitarist and achtergrondzanger, The put down WHO a considerable show. That with strange enough omitting their previous year on Endless Wire mini opera taken Wire & glasses at the most something too much on traditional Who-repertoire leaned.

But there it could not sit publicly further, that was straight away taken along on a nostalgic sniffing with a sparkling trio opening numbers, I Can’t Explain, The Seeker and Substitute. Only Townshends openingsriffs were already sufficient for a light siddering by the room. Because thanks to the sublime sound mix (the technical haperingen which the link infests this tour, remained in Rotterdam restricted up to the first minute), sounded Townshends jet ear glashelder whereas Daltrey proved to be sticking out at voice.

In Substitute molenwiekten the poor of Townshend such as that it is expected of them, the attention was already got used, however, complete expressly of the podium with no less than seven immense display devices and beside the podium. That were like in Substitute or My Generation (cleverly assembled dancing young people from all times and wind regions) striking but frequently also inept (track lines, klotsend water) and therefore inferring.

It was correctly this way nicely the lords this way much of seeing pleasure on the podium has, when Daltrey went falsely in Baba o’Riley, Starkey with its powerful roffels nice Moon imitated in The Real me, or Townshend, which master solo nicely Drowned brought.

Leuke surprise proved to be also the recent ode to Elvis’ Real Good Looking boy, with here, however, appropriate splendid pictures of the King on the baffle.

Deliciously nostalgic evening rocks, all in all, but The WHO had exactly too much coordinated the set on the coming zomerfestivals. For their new work they do not have be ashamed itself, but in Ahoy you think would will almost that them that, however, do. 

-Brian in Atlanta 
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