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Translated from the Dutch via Babel Fish: 

The not yet wore out WHO 

ROTTERDAM - it did fear most terrible. Who-singer Roger Daltrey appeared in October 2005 gargling as a hidden chimney on the Night or the Proms.. 

Briefly for that he had announced extensive Who-tour ‘the chance let go time still one real well’ of doing not beyond. But that action with offered symphonic orchestra and recent shows called off because of voice problems little hope on inlossing of that promise and overschaduwed brilliant mini-optreden on Live8 in July 2005. 

After innumerable brawls the reunited two-high rolling mill would Daltrey (63)/Pete Townshend (62) be still able conserve something of the old magic of the legendary rockformatie? Yes and more than that, Tuesday evening became already go smoothly clear. 

For the first time played the two together as The WHO in our country. The previous time - in 1997, - was bass player John Entwistle still. He died in 2002nd drummer and problem child Keith Moon succumbed in 1978, to a overdose. 

In Ahoy the link never looked from balance. With the strong drummer pocket Starkey (the zoon of Ringo Starr) and the likewise renowned Pino Palladino on bass played the formatie tightly, floated and explosive old-fashioned at puffs. 

Baba o’Riley - the peak of the evening - crackled for example of the podium. Just like the flaming carried out version of Won't Get Fooled Again and Pinball Wizard. 

The explosive rocknummers showed to The WHO on z’n best: Daltrey swinging with its wire microphone and Townshend molenwiekend on its jet ear. The fog in Daltrey’s throat goeddeels had been accelerated. Voice sounded from time to time still schor, but more often pleasantly raw and has been lived through. Only the first couplet of Behind Blue Eyes was stick. Townshend extended its virtuositeit displayed as a gitarist. 

Two visible had missed acting. Daltrey and Townshend looked zowaar lively and relax themselves. The animosity between the two kemphanen seemed sincerely disappeared. 

The nearly sold off Ahoy enjoyed the balanced show which all Who-klassiekers the contained and, scarce, peaks of the last studio album Endless Wire. The old rockers, tightly puffing up tour-shirttour-shirt tour-shirt from former times around the Len csdanes and a bundle heavy shag in the back pocket of nail trousers, could slaps and dance to leave behind. 

They enjoyed - sometimes with their for the musical education zonen taken along - the video figured out for a link on age - and lichtshow. Old group pictures and projective krantenknipsels varied with computer cos-ordination and a heus laser pitch hoist. 

The did WHO this way no moment old or wore out to. The group stands strongly anno 2007 still for total unique and sounded. The schande of the Night of the Proms had been erased on battle. 

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