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If it Who likes
One year after their meeting again, the survivors Roger Daltrey and PeteTownshend offer a new solo circuit. Stopover this evening in Bercy. 
By Raphaël GARRIGOS, Isabelle ROBERTS
DAILY NEWSPAPER: Wednesday June 6, 2007
The Who this evening in Bercy, 20. 30, Paris XIIe, first part: The Cult CD: Endless Wire (Polydor)

Inevitably, one wonders whether that is worth the blow. To go to lose itself between Thionville and Metz, an extinct blast furnace and an afflicted cement factory, to excavate a forest transformed into a way of thermal Las Vegas native of the Moselle region, to seek this concert hall, that, misery, where the rounds Star ac begin. To find finally, moron of heat in this July 2006, to come out from it two hours, streaming, howling and charmed afterwards, the mashed potaties tympanums. Sectional views by Fender de Pete Townshend, the tympanums lézardés by the voice of Roger Daltrey. Who, that? Not, do not force us to make the old joke: who? Ben, Who: the best group of rock'n'roll of the world.

Effective. It was almost a year ago and Who had just gone up on scene, osteoarthritis and slanging matches included, for their first great round since nearly twenty-five years. It was before the furnace (only 18.000 wafers run out in France) of their new album, left October, Endless Wire, nine songs not terrible and, craze of Townshend obliges, a mini opera, Wire & Glass, rather successful.

This evening, they are in Bercy, a good hundred dates in the legs yesterday in Rotterdam, tomorrow in Belgium (after Portugal and the United States). The Who, with almost complete, i.e. Roger Daltrey (song and tambourine) and Pete Townshend (guitars and valves who kill). The marble bass player John Entwistle is excused due to death in 2002. “The OX” “the ox”, because of its robust constitution able to come to end of any substance, liquid, solid or powders some was finally embanked by a heart attack. It is Pino Palladino which officiates in its place, square, discrete.

The beater Keith Moon alias Moon “The Loon”, “the barjo”, and that is not either made there nearly thirty years that that lasts, the fault with a missed chimico-alcoholic experiment. But before passing the rods on the left, Moon had the good taste to teach the rudiments with Zak of them, the kid of his pal Ringo Starr. And here is Zak Starkey holding from now on the battery of Who: double gross case like Moon, less lit (he does not place explosives in the barrels) but effective. To supplement, John “Rabbit” Bundrick, old fellow traveller, is with the keyboards and Simon supports his Pete brother, with the guitar.

The two survivors, them, hold the Who hut with end of muscular arms. Roger Daltrey dropped the little curls from his hair and the fringes of his costumes for a short but always fair cut and a shirt hardly imagination. To 63 years the small Roger increases beautiful and of the small blue glasses (“of granny”, the room on scene its old Pete pal), mania always its microphone like a lasso and has fun with two tambourines when it rail not against the spectators who light a cig.

On his Pete left, eternal director of Who, takes care like a large cat. Just 62 years, Townshend, alias most formidable tarin of the rock' roll, does not crush with turn of arm throughout the concert. It is its famous Windmill. Its legendary jump on the other hand is garaged with the guitars exploded against the amplifiers: since it tried it at the beginning of round, Pete carburizes with anti-inflammatory drugs.

The lightning. Not the sorrow to tell it: Who are old. The voice of Daltrey, as thickened, does not go up also any more high, it does not howl also any more extremely and its cry worship in the middle of Won' T Get Fooled Again chevrote a chouille. Pete Townshend, is to him with half deaf person since the experiments pyrotechnics of Keith Moon. It could be ridiculous, pathetic, disappointing, eh well, not. Who on scene, it is the flash and the lightning: at 60 years spent, they thunder and hum like planes.

Immediately, bing, without preliminaries, it is their very first hit I Can' T Explain (1965) sent to the gallop, the guitar of Townshend giving of great blows of claw. Not prudes, they deliver a concert made up to the three quarters of old songs: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, The Kids are Alright, Substitute… And the air of nothing, they balance you My Generation in the teeth: “Hope I die 'drills I get old”, even spits Daltrey not constrained, always mad. And ouais, I sing My Generation at 63 years and I you emmerde.

Realistic, they know that they owe to part of the young spectators with the series TV the Experts (Who are you in credits of the Experts Las Vegas, Won' T Get Fooled Again for Miami, and Baba O' Riley for Manhattan). Before Who Are You, Daltrey, deadpan: “That one, you know it. ” Similar for Behind Blue Eyes, taken again by Limp Bizkit version tubes FM. Daltrey seizes a guitar and known as: “You must know the words. ” Townshend subdues it: “And you, you can play of the guitar?” 

Not ramenard, the show of Who, not of special effects, just some vidéos behind them: to see the two cattle is enough amply. No the Pharaonic scene as at Stones, of which they would be the badly loved brothers: less success, not show biz. Our two accomplices know all that and crush the autodérision unceasingly. “Who! Who! Who! ”, chant still the room. Then, Pete and Roger return and finish their concert by See Me, Feel Me had. Who? And which of other, in any event?

-Brian in Atlanta
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