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Translated into French and then back into English so prepare yourselves... 

Pete Townshend, guitarist of Who. 
“One is at the same time workmen and animals of scene” 
By Raphaël GARRIGOS, Isabelle ROBERTS 
DAILY NEWSPAPER: Wednesday June 6, 2007 

In full round, always between two dates, Pete Townshend leader and inventor of Who Ñ, answered the questions of Release by e-mail, being with half deaf person. Still a blow of Keith Moon. 

Who are Who today?

Roger and Pete with 10%, and 90% a public which always believes that the music can change the ideas to them. 
Who decided to launch this round?

It is me. But that made years that Roger pushed me there.

Is this always exciting?

Not. But it is funnier, there is more pleasure and they is easier than front.

How would you define your role in Who? We would see you like a director and Roger Daltrey would be your actor…

I see myself rather like a scenario writer, not like a director.

Is Zak Starkey good Keith Moon?

There is nobody as good as Keith Moon, there are just beaters which play like Keith Moon. But Zak is very good Zak.

How does that occur, Roger and you?

Very, very well, in fact.

You do not break any more guitars, but always made winches and Roger is always useful themselves of his microphone like lasso. It is the mythology of Who?

It is a practice. To make turn its microphone does not add much musical quality, but I like to think that when I strike the cords of my guitar to 320 km/h, that sounds differently that a type which is held like a mannequin in a window.

What does that make you when you see that many young people know you thanks to the “Experts”?

I think that my total strategy functioned well… 

In which groups do find you your influence?

There is much of it. Almost all, in fact.

Aren't Who forgotten a little in the history of the rock'n'roll?

I already forgot the question…

You always play “My Generation” on scene. does that want to say that you are not old?

At 60 years, one is not old any more today. But if one always plays My Generation, it is parce it is not a song on the age, rather on what arrives when people age. Which age do you have? If you have, let us say, 35 years and are in good health, I would say that I would probably beat you with the race.

Contrary to the concerts of Rolling Stones, yours are very simple with much autodérision…

I do not believe that one caricatures oneself. It is true that one does not want to put full the sight of it. Roger and me jealously let us take care that the spectators know that one makes very to make a success of their evening with us. One is at the same time workmen and animals of scene.

And to finish, who are you?

I am called Pete Townshend. A friend of France, in love with Paris and Nice, a follower of Broom and Simenon. I come from the west of London, where the sky is often gray. 

-Brian in Atlanta 
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