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Alan McKendree amck at
Tue Jun 5 19:26:48 CDT 2007

> From: Keithjmoon70 at
> Date: June 1, 2007 11:04:44 AM CDT
>> Hilary Duff.  IMO it was an abomination, not least  because of her
>> altering the lyric to "Hope I DON'T die before I get  old"
> Did you  listen to that?  I was upset about how they  played drums  
> but I
> could've sworn John was playing the bass  part.  He made it sound  
> like The Who.

If I did ever heard it all the way through it was only a time or two  
and I didn't remember anything about it.  But your comment makes me  
want to check it out again, and reminds me of John's comment that he  
could make any band sound like The Who :-).

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