Lerner Film - Fall 2007?

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>>>>Well, thank God they changed that original title (Who's Still Who?)
And how many tapes of rare Who footage have been found in the
bottom of barrels, trash bins, or dumpsters?  If you're looking for
Who footage....that's where I'd start.   ;-)<<<<<

I'm hittin' the local dump this weekend :)
It'll be very interesting to see what this Leeds footage is all about.

>>>>>Most exciting is newly unearthed film from their legendary 1970
Valentine's Day gig at Leeds University, recorded as Live at Leeds.  
"It's from a guy who claimed he found it at the bottom of a barrel," 
Lerner says.  "He was a Leeds student at the time."  The document-
ary -- which features new interviews with Daltrey, Pete Townshend 
& famous fans including Eddie Vedder & the Edge -- hits theaters 
this fall<<<<<

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