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  >I guess all the great drummers have single syllable names. Keith, 
Neil, Zak, Scott....
  As well as the original high-profile drummer, Gene (Krupa), but there are a couple of famous exceptions to the naming convention: Buddy (Rich) and the most famous one of all, Ringo.
  Anyway, yes, I'm a drummer, although just an amateur.  I think this link will take you to my MySpace page.  I don't have any music clips on it, just a picture, but I am wearing a Who T-shirt in the picture.
  I took about 30 years off from drumming (no time for it and no place to keep a set of drums until recently), then started back up a couple of years ago.  I'm in an adult band at the local school of rock.  We're just doing it for fun so far, we're not a working band although our bass player has been a working (starving) musician in the past, and our lead guitarist is also in a Celtic-folk music band called Three Weird Sisters, whose albums are available on iTunes.  We don't do folk music though, we do rock and sometimes country rock.  And of course we can do a couple of Who songs.

  Joe Lewinski <lewinski at> wrote:
  Scott Keller posted:
> Zak was voted no. 3 in the Best Rock Drummer category in the 2007 
Modern Drummer Magazine poll, just published in their July, 2007 
issue. No. 1 was Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, no. 2 was 
Neil Peart of Rush.

> Here's part of the interview they did with Zak in their January, 
2007 issue:


Scott: Are you a drummer? If you are, that's 4 Scotts I know
that are drummers. Scott Schrade of CD Truth;
A guy named Scott Pyfer (with whom I gig with from time to time);
The son of one of my basketball buddies - this little squirt
of a drumming prodigy - now aptly named - Scott; and now I
suspect you too!

I guess all the great drummers have single syllable names. Keith, 
Neil, Zak, Scott....

Joe in Philly

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