The drumming Scotts

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Tue Jun 5 08:10:44 CDT 2007

Scott Keller posted:
 > Zak was voted no. 3 in the Best Rock Drummer category  in the 2007 
Modern Drummer Magazine poll, just published in their July, 2007 
issue.  No. 1 was Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, no. 2 was 
Neil Peart of Rush.

 >  Here's part of the interview they did with Zak in their January, 
2007 issue:


Scott:  Are you a drummer?  If you are, that's 4 Scotts I know
that are drummers.  Scott Schrade of CD Truth;
  A guy named Scott Pyfer (with whom I gig with from time to time);
  The son of one of my basketball buddies - this little squirt
  of a drumming prodigy - now aptly named - Scott;  and now I
  suspect you too!

I guess all the great drummers have single syllable names.  Keith, 
Neil, Zak, Scott....

Joe in Philly

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