In the Attic

Johanna Johnson jmljohnson3 at
Sun Jul 29 18:26:02 CDT 2007

I got a mention in two ITA's, the first was a note I sent via her blog that she read to either Mikey or Pete, commenting on how I'd purposely wore my hair styled like hers to my job interview and got the job.
  The 2nd mention, she announced I  won the 1st "competition".  The question was:  She asked how old her and Mikey were when they met and I was the 1st to answer 16 years old.
  That is what was cool about those 1st episodes, if you were able to watch them live, you to really felt a part of it, and it was something special to be sure.
  I know she read and mentioned alot of us fans.  Any others on this list?
  Also and much more importantly,
  Rachel mentioned in her blog today about a dear Who/Rachel fan/friend that is undergoing surgery, of a fairly serious nature.  Sue (Suesjoy) is a wonderful gal, and if we could all send her some positive prayers/thoughts/healing vibes, that would be awesome.
  Johanna in Carlsbad.
  The DVD of In the Attic Episode 8 is now on sale at  

This one is my favorite of the whole first series.  There is just so much packed into this to enjoy!  

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