ITA Season 1 Episode 8 DVD on sale at LLR!

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Sun Jul 29 13:05:39 CDT 2007

The DVD of In the Attic Episode 8 is now on sale at  

This one is my favorite of the whole first series.  There is just so much packed into this to enjoy!  

Rachel has a couple members of her band to jam along with everyone, and she performs  no less than 5 songs, including "I Can Fly" that is featured on TBWHM, as well as a few other Rachel classics like Jigsaw which was co-written by Pete, Imperfection and Cigarettes and Housework.  

Roger Daltrey makes an appearance in the attic too, although it was pre-taped.  We also get a video of Pete and Roger performing an acoustic version of RGLB at the Four Seasons of Hope charity concert.  

This DVD is worth getting just for the half hour video diary that Pete made that shows us how he spends his day at home.  He explains his compositional techniques and demonstrates how he creates his home demos.  It just doesn't get any better than that!  To top it off, he also performs a new song that he wrote called "How Can I Help You Sir?" 

If you were to pick one In The Attic DVD to buy, I highly recommend this one!

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You can watch a preview of the show up on youtube.
The first 7 episodes for In the Attic are still available too.  Here are the youtube previews for those shows.

Ep 1:
Ep 2:
Ep 3:
Ep 4:
Ep 5:
Ep 6:
Ep 7:

Here are the DVD details for Ep 8.

In The Attic 
Season One Episode Eight
Webcast Live on 10th November 2005
Oceanic Studios

Source: Master Proshot PAL DVCAM > PC Authored NTSC DVD


Rachel Fuller
Mikey Cuthbert
Pete Townshend
Roger Daltrey
Dave Holmes
Peter Huntington

Track Listing:

01 - Opening Credits
02 - Introduction (Rachel Fuller and Mikey Cuthbert)
03 - Inside (Mikey Cuthbert and Rachel Fuller)
04 - I Can Fly (Rachel Fuller)
05 - Video: Cross Town Traffic (Foy Vance at the Bedford Arms)
06 - Imperfection (Rachel Fuller, Dave Holmes, Peter Huntington)
07 - Jigsaw (Rachel Fuller, Dave Holmes, Peter Huntington)
08 - Video: Real Good Looking Boy (Roger Daltrey in the Attic)
09 - Video: Real Good Looking Boy (Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend at the Four Seasons of Hope benefit in NY)
10 - Pete joins the Attic
11 - How Can I Help You Sir (Pete Townshend)
12 - CD: Sunrise (Rachel Fuller)
13 - Plasticine (Mikey Cuthbert and Peter Huntington)
14 - Outside My Window (Rachel Fuller, Dave Holmes, Peter Huntington)
15 - Cigarettes and Housework (Rachel Fuller, Dave Holmes, Peter Huntington)
16 - Video: Poised (Pete Townshend)

Duration: 02:47:46

Price: $10.00 USD 

For those who are unable to download, you can order a burned copy of the DVD for an additional donation of $5 or more to LLR for P&P.  Contact carriepr at for more information.

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