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Mon Jul 16 06:44:20 CDT 2007

Yes it's late but cut them some slack. This comes from an English language paper in Thailand: 

by Justin Trousers

But most impressive of all was a band that has already had a bright past, has lost half of the original musicians, and should now be quietly retired and sitting in deckchairs dreaming of previous cocaine-fueled excesses. 

But headlining on the last night, we had The Who. It could have been a squirmingly embarrassing experience; but they were great. Pete Townsend managed his arm-twirling act without impaling himself on anything sharp. Roger Daltry managed his microphone-twirling act without hitting himself, or anyone else, on the head. Of course the bass player and drummer were absent, both using the flimsy excuse that they were dead. But the replacements were more than adequate. Zak Starkey (son of Ringo), seems to have inherited his father’s looks (poor boy); but he is a powerful drummer; and Pino Palladino has always been one of my favourite bass players. The Who sounded like The Who in their glory days, they played mainly their old songs which the audience (many of whom would not have been born at the time) sang along with as they soaked in the driving rain. It was a fitting end to the festival and it required the ministrations of several charming hostesses to calm me down afterwards.
 It’s tough being a columnist for Pattaya Today; I think I will request a transfer to Gaza. 

-Brian in Atlanta 
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