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>From Gamespy:

Rock Band to Feature Downloadable Albums (PS3)
Complete albums to be available for your virtual
rocking pleasure.
By Elisa Di Fiore | July 12, 2007

Electronic Arts, MTV Games and the developer Harmonix
today announced that the music-based game Rock Band
will feature entire downloadable albums by famous
artists. The first one will be The Who's "Who's Next,"
which has been chosen thanks to an agreement with Who
guitarist Pete Townshend. "Who's Next," a milestone in
rock music since its release in 1971, will be
available immediately after Rock Band is released on
PS3 and Xbox 360 during the holiday season. Additional
digitally-distributed content will follow on a weekly
basis, with albums provided by major music publishers
such as Universal Music Group, whose partnership with
Harmonix was announced earlier this year. 

"Offering entire albums for play on the Rock Band
platform is a monumental step forward in Harmonix's
ever-present quest to provide new ways for people to
interact with music and creating the most authentic
music experience possible," stated Alex Rigopulos, CEO
and co-founder of Harmonix. "This will give players
the opportunity to play through the entire album set
list of arguably some of the most influential rock
albums of all time and brings them one step closer to
what it feels like to be a true rock star." 

MTV Games and Harmonix also announced the tracks that
will be included on the game disc. Along with the song
"Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who, Rock Band will
feature 15 popular songs divided by decades: 

Mountain "Mississippi Queen"
David Bowie "Suffragette City"
Black Sabbath "Paranoid"
Blue Oyster Cult "Don't Fear the Reaper"
The Ramones "Rockaway Beach" 

Rush "Tom Sawyer"
Bon Jovi "Wanted Dead or Alive" 

Nirvana "In Bloom"
Stone Temple Pilots "Vasoline"
Weezer "Say It Ain't So"
Foo Fighters "Learn to Fly"
Metallica "Enter Sandman" 

The Hives "Main Offender"
The Strokes "Reptilia"
Queens of the Stone Age "Go With the Flow" 

Mountain's "Mississippi Queen," Black Sabbath's
"Paranoid" and Rush's "Tom Sawyer" are cover songs,
while all the others are original master recordings.

-Brian in Atlanta
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