the who disappoints phil collins

Thu Jul 12 01:50:07 CDT 2007

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Phil Collins has dished out some reunion advice to his fellow wrinkly 
rockers, after getting back on stage with his Genesis bandmates. 

The 56-year-old, whose band opened the Live Earth concert at Wembley, 
apparently admitted he'd been left disappointed when The Who didn't play enough 
classic hits at a recent gig, reports the Daily Express. 

"Love the band, we go back many years. I admire the fact that they put out a 
new album. It's brave. But when they played their new mini-opera I became 
increasingly impatient. There were still a few real classics I wanted to hear 
before the end of the show," he said. 

And Phil had yet more advice for any bands thinking of reforming. 

"I think you should never over-estimate the importance of a new CD. Most of 
our fans will come to the show to hear the hits. And we will play them, plus 
some stuff from the early 70s," he said. 

"You've got to realise this is some sort of 40th year anniversary so we are 
entitled to look back," he added. 

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