Long Live Rock Concert Calendar

Carrie Pratt carriepr at comcast.net
Thu Jul 12 00:51:57 CDT 2007

Thanks very much Kevin, for all your kind comments.  Yours too Jim M.  I'm really glad you love the site as much as I do.  It has truly been a labor of love on my part to do this for everyone.  It's been a lot of work, but well worth the effort.

Long Live Rock is not a corporate run site.  It is run by us fans, and will stay up as long as we want it to, which in my opinion, is forever.  No one has to worry about it going away any time soon.  Long Live...Long Live Rock!!!

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  >Carrie Pratt
  >Long Live Rock Concert Calendar
  >Many thanks to all the members of IGTC who have contributed to this project 
  >throughout the tour!  I have received so many >awesome photos and reviews 
  >from Who fans worldwide.  This was truly a joint collaborative effort of 
  >all the major Who >forums.
  >Thanks everyone!  It's been an incredible year in Whoville!

  It certainly has, Carrie.
  And, I speak from the heart when I say that you've been a major part of that 
  incredible year.
  No tour before has had such a comprehensive site to document each and every 
  show with fan reviews, newspaper reviews, fan and pro photos.
  The thanks is all ours to you.  You've done a fantastic job keeping the site 
  up to date and including everyone's contributions.  I can't tell you how 
  often I've accessed the site throughout the entire tour, keeping track of 
  what my fellow who-buddies have been up to, their experiences, their photos, 
  and forwarding links to friends to see the action for themselves.
  Please, stand up and take a bow or two.  I'm shouting "Bravo" as I write.
  You deserve all the praise.
  I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to do this again.  :-)
  If my crystal ball (Trademarked to Kevin in VT) is right, you will!

  Thank *YOU*!!!!!

  One small favor... :-)
  Please let us know if/when you get to the point of shutting the site down. 
  A 1-week warning, as it were.
  I still need to sit and download many of the wonderful photos and reviews!

  Carrie, thanks again.

  Kevin in VT

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