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> There are no bad White Stripes  albums. 
> You like White Blood Cells, Kevin likes Elephant, and I  like Destijl and 
> Self Titled.

that's why I said the "not so good" albums of theirs are still interesting to 
hear. but it's all a matter of taste and opinion isn't it? that's why in the 
end all those "100 greatest" whatever lists are irrelevent. what's "great" to 
them may not be to you or anyone else y know? I agree, there are no bad albums 
of theirs. everyone likes a certain album of theirs. that's the show of a 
great band also. like the who, some like "tommy", others like "who's next", the 
beatles, some like "revolver", others like "sgt. pepper".  

by the way, add "icky thump" to my list of fave stripes albums. : )

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