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Wed Jul 11 23:54:50 CDT 2007

>so yes. pete? are you taking notes? ; )
Well, in defense of Pete (as if he needed it) we'll see what Jack is doing  
in his mid 60's.  We know what Pete did in THE mid-sixties and is still  doing 
in his own.
But it is fun to see a band come around that can do what a rock band is  
supposed to do with complete consistency.  There are no bad White Stripes  albums. 
You like White Blood Cells, Kevin likes Elephant, and I  like Destijl and 
Self Titled.  I'm glad you like the new one!  It  makes Get Behind Me Satan sound 
like twice the album it used to after hearing  what came next.  Each album 
brings out things from previous albums that you  didn't know were there.  This 
is real music invented and played by  humans.
Maybe Momma does the Astro.
Jon in Mi.

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