IEEE!! (off who topic)

Wed Jul 11 22:40:46 CDT 2007

well, you'll probably wanna know my personal reaction to the new white 
stripes release. 

fine musical experimentation on their part + reminders of "white blood cells" 
here and there = without a doubt, their best album in years. 

meg white is the most unappreciated drummer ever probably. why is it that if 
you do uncontrollable solos like keith moon or John bonham, you're like a 
legend but if you just provide a simple backbeat like drummers in the end are 
supposed to do like ringo or meg, you're thrown in the crapper? it seems to me, 
meg is the anchor of the music. she's the shoulder Jack leans on when he seems 
to go a "bit out of it" at times on the guitar. after all, when just two people 
are involved in the making of the music, you need all the help you can get, 
and she certainly provides it. and is it me, or did her voice get alot higher 
since "elephant"? ha. 
and of course there's Jack. dare I say it, the Jimi hendrix of my generation. 
the way Jimi shredded his guitar, Jack seems to be doing the same in his own 
way.  plus, his voice seems to always match the mood of the track. if the song 
is erratic, his voice is erratic. if it's mellow, his voice is mellow. not 
like michael stipe where the REM songs are erratic but he still sounds like an 
angel. ha. (love you mike, by the way).   Jack makes it work on both levels.  

I have a feeling, since they're just starting to play arenas now, that this 
is an act who will be around for a long time. y know how a band builds their 
audience? like the beatles, the who, the stones, springsteen etc. did? you go 
from clubs to theaters to arenas to stadiums? I think the white stripes are 
gonna become that.  at least as long as Jack wants to do it anyway. ha. but even 
if they do "hang it up", they'll be legendary. possibly even getting an 
induction into the rock n' roll hall of fame in the future. THAT legendary. they 
still manage to this day to crank out albums where even the "not so good" ones are 
still interesting to hear. can you believe that this new album of theirs 
debuted at no. 2 on the album charts? and they did it without an ipod commercial, 
without a site on youtube, without any of the songs being used to sell gas 
guzzlers. maybe it's because....they simply make good albums? 

so yes. pete? are you taking notes? ; )

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