ITA Season 1 Episode 6 DVD on sale at LLR!

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Mon Jul 9 17:59:10 CDT 2007

The DVD of In the Attic Episode 6 is now on sale at  

This is the famous pajama episode that was aired late at night.  Lot's of fun and merryment was had by all in this one!  Rachel plays the hauntingly beautiful "Lose the Thread" that was co-written by Pete.  Simon and Mikey come through with awesome performances.  Pete has loads of hysterical stories to tell.  Bernard (aka Joseph Townshend) plays a lovely instrumental piece on the guitar.  This was also the first episode where Rachel invites an up and coming band to the Attic.  The Vibrants, a local band from Richmond, stop by and play a couple of their songs.

Great stuff on this one, so go buy it today!

You can watch a preview of the show up on youtube.
The first 4 episodes for In the Attic are still available too.  Here are the youtube previews for those shows.

Ep 1:
Ep 2:
Ep 3:
Ep 4:
Ep 5:

Here are the DVD details for Ep 6.

In The Attic 
Season One Episode Six
Webcast Live on 27th October 2005
Oceanic Studios

Source: Master Proshot PAL DVCAM > PC Authored NTSC DVD

Rachel Fuller
Mikey Cuthbert
Pete Townshend
Simon Townshend
The Vibrants

Track Listing:
01 - Opening Credits
02 - Introduction (Rachel Fuller and Mikey Cuthbert)
03 - My Brother Shaun (Mikey Cuthbert)
04 - Video: Fashion Tips (Rachel Fuller)
05 - Lose the Thread (Rachel Fuller)
06 - The Vibrants join the Attic
07 - New Way (The Vibrants)
08 - Beauty (The Vibrants)
09 - Bernard joins the Attic
10 - Guitar Instrumental (Bernard)
11 - CD: Without Your Love (Mikey Cuthbert)
12 - Come On Ryan (Mikey Cuthbert)
13 - Simon joins the Attic
14 - Until Tomorrow (Simon Townshend)
15 - Pete joins the Attic
16 - Time the Healer (Simon)
17 - CD: Only Happy When I'm Free (Rachel Fuller)
18 - Video: White Stripes (Mikey Cuthbert)
19 - End Credits

Duration: 02:14:55

Price: $10.00 USD

For those who are unable to download, you can order a burned copy of the DVD for an additional donation of $5 or more to LLR for P&P.  Contact carriepr at for more information.

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