"Summing Up" the last day of the tour...

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Mon Jul 9 12:05:47 CDT 2007

Well, here we are.
The last day of a long tour with new music.  
Other than Roger's intermittent voice issues, I think this was a
splendid tour met with much enthusiasm (both pro and amateur critics),
particularly here in the US and also the UK (as is usual).
I've copied Pete's blog entry below, "Summing Up" his feelings.  His
last statement, I hope, will be temporary.  I am optimistic that one
last new album will emerge with a tour behind it.  That's right,
Somehow, I think The White's will prod Pete.  Not literally, but the
challenge is there.  Pete already has acknowledged the competition, and
as we all know, that's what drives the man...and the band.
My Crystal Ball (trademarked to Kevin in VT) is showing a new album
(very fiery for Schrade in Akron) out late in 2008/early in 2009 with a
UK/US (and perhaps some of those countries Pete regrets not visiting
this round) tour to follow Summer of 2009.
Then, in 2011 (Pete will be 66?), Pete and Roger will *FINALLY* present
the full, Multi-Media Lifehouse EXTRAVAGANZA! that we've all been
waiting for, before riding off into the sunset.

A quick Who moment:
Crossing back into the US after a day visiting our French-Canadian
Brothers in Montreal...with my mom, wife and kids.
We hand our IDs and the boarder-dude asks if that's everyone.  My wife
asks if he needs the birth certificates for our two boys and lets him
know she has them, but they are in the back of the truck.  He looks at
us, and then asks what the "SLIPKID" plate is all about (he read it on
the registration card).  I laugh (caught off guard) and before I can
respond he asks if we're Who fans (nice!).
I answer "abso-lutely!"
He gets a big smile on his face and says "good to hear.  My wife and I
have been enjoying their new album.  Don't worry about the birth
< ! >
My classical-music-only Mom is dumfounded.
I tell the guard I love the album too, we share a good smile and laugh,
and then head on our way.
Mom looks at me like "you've got to be kidding."

It happens all the time, Mom.  It happens all the time.

Who fans unite!
Kevin in VT

>From Pete's Blog
Friday, July 06, 2007
The Summer Summing Up 

That's all folks. If you go check out my memoir section you will be able
to read the last autobiographical extract I am publishing here on this

This weekend the Who tour, thirteen months long, is coming to a rather
gentle close in Scandinavia. Tomorrow we play Roskilde in Denmark, and
like most European Festivals this summer it looks like being rained on.
In India for obvious reasons they call rain God's Blessing. Here in
Europe we are starting to think it is an aspect of God's remarkably
peculiar sense of humour. In Britain those of us lucky enough to have
them ran our air-conditioners all the way through January. Now, in July,
we need real bearskins, rubber boots or snow-shoes. Can Al Gore really
fix this with yet more rained-out music Festivals? I hope so. Our hearts
are pure, our breasts still bare, even as we sweat under our plastic

Anyway, I am proud of what we've all achieved this past eighteen months
with the Who; a new CD and a long tour. I'm sad we missed Japan,
Australia, Russia, Czecho, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Hawaii.
But at least I personally got to play at almost every bar and club in
Austin Texas. I wish I could put my hand on my heart and say that in
doing all this I did not contribute to Global Warming, of course I did.
I have the feeling that even when I drop dead something about the way my
body rots will ruin life on earth in some way for all those who follow.
I seem doomed to pollute. Couldn't my cadaver be transformed into a
special liqueur of some kind to bring a little pleasure to monks? Or
more practically, into bio-fuel to operate a plough? I could literally
dig my own furrow.

Folks! I have already dug my furrow. It is deep. I am shattered. By next
week I will allow myself to sink into the comatose post-tour state once
so familiar to me - that I have not allowed myself since I started work
on the Who CD in the autumn of 2005. This state is a mixture of elation
at waking up with nothing to do, and the shock of knowing that from now
on when someone describes me as someone who used to be famous, I have to
accept it, and not proudly proclaim that soon I will be stomping at
Glastonbury or Roskilde.

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