Who-Live in Houston 1975 DVD

Martin Bailey mobailey at ntlworld.com
Sat Jul 7 08:47:25 CDT 2007

Schrade cynically said:

> >

> Somebody on the Lerner board stated that this particular website deals
> in unauthorized as well as authorized releases.  I doubt very much that
> an "official" Houston '75 DVD is coming out.

Actually, this does look like a real release.

Play.com is a reputable company.  I would doubt they would really be dealing
in bootlegs.

Plus, this same DVD is on Amazon.co.uk

This looks official.  (Woo-hoo!, by the way)

Product details:

Format: PAL
Region: Region 2 ( DVD formats.)
Number of discs: 1
Classification: Exempt
Studio: Quantum Leap
DVD Release Date: 30 Jul 2007

In the 1970s, The Who were the hottest live act around. Their trademark
destruction of guitars during and after their gigs was regarded the weirdest
thing in rock until Jimi Hendrix set his guitar ablaze on stage.


1. Substitute
2. I Can't Explain
3. Squeezebox
4. Baba O' Riley
5. Boris The Spider
6. Drowned
7. However Much I Booze
8. Dreaming From The Waist
9. Behind Blue Eyes
10. Amazing Journey
11. Sparks
12. Acid Queen
13. Fiddle About
14. Pinball Wizard
15. I'm Free
16. Tommy's Holiday Camp
17. We're Not Going To Take It
18. Summertime Blues
19. My Generation
20. Join Together
21. Naked Eye
22. Roadrunner
23. Won't Get Fooled Again
24. Magic Bus
25. My Generation Blues

This looks like a great concert from a great era.  I'm buying.

Also: I just noticed a DVD which came out last month (next month in US):
"The Who - Videobiography [2007]".  100 minutes.  It's on Amazon, but not
many details.


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