Two Stones Crew Members Killed (no Who)

Alan McKendree amck at
Tue Jul 3 11:16:49 CDT 2007

>tis true that roadies are often overlooked in the concert business. 
>some performers don't even hang out with them for some dumb reason.

I don't think it's snobbery, it's that everyone is there to do a job. 
We local crew were told not to approach the performers, and anyone 
who had would have been looked on as an unprofessional doof (although 
I did happen to be standing in the area when Neil Diamond passed, and 
was surprised to see how bald he was).  Generally, when the roadies 
are working, the performers aren't even in the building, and while 
the show's going on is a great time for the roadies and drivers to 
get some sleep.

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."
     --Pete Townshend, 1967

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