White Stripes - Icky Thump (Little Who)

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>From: "Martin Bailey" <mbailey at netsolcq.com>
>Subject: White Stripes - Icky Thump (Little Who)
>(Firstly, apologies for little or no Who content; but there's a lot of
people here who are enjoying this latest White 
>Stripes CD.)

Ah, what's a little no-Who-content among friends.

>I've finally caught up with you guys, and taken your advice to buy this

My wife bought it for me!
Good gal, she is.

>With previous White Stripes albums, I've found that I really like 2 or
3 songs, and (almost) hated the rest. Got bored of >the albums very

Elephant would be the exception for me.

>But, after just the first listen, I realised I liked almost every song
on this CD!  That's good going.  

As I wrote to Jon in Mi, I winced, scratched my head, and shrugged at
the first listen, but then have been hooked ever since.

>Musically, they've >really moved up a notch.

They seem to be paying homage to different styles.

>Now I've had a few listens, here's some comments:
>*	I didn't really like the single "Icky Thump" before - the
instrumental bit was just toooo weird.  But now that I "own >it", I'm
really into it!

To my own surprise, I really am into this song now too.  I didn't think
it would grow on me, but like fungus....it has! (not that I personally
have fungus, but.....hell....you know what I mean)

*	You Don't Know What Love Is - Reminds me of Guns and Roses!  Nod
of the hat to US rock? A very pop-ish formal sounding song.  I'm
actually quite surprised how commercial is sounds.  But, it's "a-ight"
in my book.

>*	300 mph - perhaps my favourite song of the album.  Nice quiet /
loud / quiet bits.

Reminds me of The Dead, or Phish.  Nod of the hat to jam bands?

>*	Conquest.  Most unexpected!   The Middle-Eastern music reminded
me at first of Radiohead's Pyramid Song, but now I 
>think that a better comparison is the Sex Pistol's (actually Ten Pole
Tudor's) "Who Killed Bambi?"

I'd have to throw it down to our Southern Brothas in Me-hico. Very
Flamenco, and the trumpets scream conquistadors!
But man, what a ball-busting rocker!  Head banging Mexican music.  Can't
wait to hear what Mancia has to say about it.

*	Bone Broke - I think this is the song that reminds me of Summer
Time Blues.

>*	Prickly Thorn...  - anyone else think of "Three kids from the
neighbourhood..."?  Similar guitar to Unholy Trinity.

Hmmm, I'll have to re-listen (again!...already played over 6-7 times).
It just screamed Irish/Scottish to me.

>*	St Andrews - The beat reminds me of Baba O Riley.  Am I right?
The electric guitar sounds like the violin / 
>harmonica on Baba.  Shame it doesn't end as good as Baba.

I can see it!

>*	Little Cream Soda - rocks!

Is that the "Oh well, Oh well" song? ;-)  Still new to this album!
Notice repeat themes from childhood like the little box with rocks?

>*	Rag & Bone - LMAO @ "Meg look at this place - this place is like
a Mansion!"  

Good god this song just blows me away.  And, reminds me of David Lee
Roth Van Halen.  Nod of the hat to the big VH.
We were all leaving this lovely party Saturday Night, and played this.
The wife and 5yo were both head-banging along with me.  Even little
Kaden (2yo) was a shakin' it in his car seat.
I was mountain biking last evening (got caught on the top of a tall
ridge in an Entwistle thunder storm), and while riding, realized that my
accelerated heart beat perfectly matched this song.  Really! 
Hey, it's a lonely place out in the woods riding in the rain with a song
stuck in your head.

>*	I'm Slowly Turning into You - starts off like something from the
Tommy Soundtrack


>*	Catch Hell Blues - I expected this to be rockier.  The title
implies it, and, someone on the list mentioned it.  But >it's growing on

I love the message. Been there.  ;-)

>Whole album is Weird / Good / Rocks.  Good Combination.  Thanks for the

I kind of scoffed when Jon in Mi first wrote that it was their best yet.
But, now...if it's not at least as good as Elephant, it's darn near it.
Weird, Rocks, Drives, mix of different styles, not shallow by any means.

We need Pete to bust some ass.
Is that what he's all about these days though?
Got to stay real, although "Don't try to make me (him) real."

Kevin in VT

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