White Stripes - Icky Thump (Little Who)

Martin Bailey mbailey at netsolcq.com
Tue Jul 3 05:11:47 CDT 2007

(Firstly, apologies for little or no Who content; but there's a lot of people here who are enjoying this latest White Stripes CD.)

I've finally caught up with you guys, and taken your advice to buy this CD.

With previous White Stripes albums, I've found that I really like 2 or 3 songs, and (almost) hated the rest. Got bored of the albums very quickly.

But, after just the first listen, I realised I liked almost every song on this CD!  That's good going.  Musically, they've really moved up a notch.

Now I've had a few listens, here's some comments:

*	I didn't really like the single "Icky Thump" before - the instrumental bit was just toooo weird.  But now that I "own it", I'm really into it!

*	300 mph - perhaps my favourite song of the album.  Nice quiet / loud / quiet bits.

*	Conquest.  Most unexpected!   The Middle-Eastern music reminded me at first of Radiohead's Pyramid Song, but now I think that a better comparison is the Sex Pistol's (actually Ten Pole Tudor's) "Who Killed Bambi?"

*	Prickly Thorn...  - anyone else think of "Three kids from the neighbourhood..."?  Similar guitar to Unholy Trinity.

*	St Andrews - The beat reminds me of Baba O Riley.  Am I right?  The electric guitar sounds like the violin / harmonica on Baba.  Shame it doesn't end as good as Baba.

*	Little Cream Soda - rocks!

*	Rag & Bone - LMAO @ "Meg look at this place - this place is like a Mansion!"  

*	I'm Slowly Turning into You - starts off like something from the Tommy Soundtrack

*	Catch Hell Blues - I expected this to be rockier.  The title implies it, and, someone on the list mentioned it.  But it's growing on me.

Whole album is Weird / Good / Rocks.  Good Combination.  Thanks for the recommendation,


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