Confirmation of towns

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Thu Jan 4 07:49:42 CST 2007

>From: Lowgens02 at
>Subject: Re: A French Grasshopper 
>>My favorite Q&A?
>>4. Is it a final album, like some like to speculate?
>>No. Roger and I have found a way to work together now and we will not
let it go.
>F*cking nice!

Ain't it??!!
(I don't really talk like a Hick, I just play one on igtc.)

>Not surprised as he had mentioned that before.

True.  But it was good to get a firm confirmation.  I think the previous
mention was more of a "I'd like to...." kind of statement.
This one is emphatic!
More to come!

Hey now!

What's that?
Is that Bruce starting to dream??

>From: "Bruce" <bkawak at>
>Subject: Re: dumb atlanta question but..
>How about a show listed as Philadelphia where the venue is actually in
>Jersey. :)

That one threw me the first time.
But, you can still get a Philly Cheese Steak in Camden!
"Buyer Beware..."

>Then you have 
>things like Largo, Landover, and Washington DC, all the same place.

Ha!  I was waiting for this one.
Nissan Pav., Cap. Center (gone), the new Redskins stadium (I almost
called it RFK!).
March will be the first time I set foot in the new Verizon Center in

How about the Boston / Manchester mix...

Kevin in VT

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