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I compare myself and what I witnessed and how I described it at the time as something similar to those who described what they thought they saw at the Doors Miami concert in 1969! :)
Ok,so I was a little drunk that night. Yeah,it was cool.
Anyway,thanks for the review Bruce.It was great seeing you again!
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My brother,Marc,tends to exaggerate(sp?) things hahaha!! It was cool though 
wasn't it,Bruce?

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I got the Atlanta encore discs today.  First off I think some people need to 
check their definition of "knee slide". :)  If you're looking for the epic 
slide in TKAA you will disappointed.  After the "Then I'll get on my knees and 
pray. We don't get fooled again." line Pete says "and I pray".  He walks across 
the stage drops to one knee, clasps his hands (like he's praying) and gets up.
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