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Wed Feb 28 17:18:21 PST 2007

>Jim M
>Pete Townshend (who he?) - Prologue / setlist
>My question was legit, though.  Does anyone recall hearing
>Pete discuss *how* he remembered this shit?

In my mind it's a mix of things.
I'm certain he has his own memories of trauma, that he's never forgotten.
Have some "changed" a bit?  Meaning, do some of the details get a bit 
I'm certain of it.  That, however, doesn't mean core memories are not 
reflective of the reality then.
And, I'd also argue, that while the visual and audio memories may blur, the 
deep feelings of hurt remain vivid.

He also did some extensive sitting with his mum about 8 years ago and had 
some serious Q&A.
To Pete's mom's credit, she sat with her boy and gave him all of her 
recollections.  Add this to his memories, and I'm sure the picture became 
more clear.  Pete at one point wrote about how proud of his mom he was for 
helping him sort through painful memories and timelines.

Around this same time he was seeking "the help of a therapist" to try and 
clear the picture even more and address the abuse that tended to come out in 
his writing and music.....almost as if uncontrollably.

If memory serves (HA!), a few years back when all this came to light, Cousin 
Schradelheimershrinkernonbeliever expressed his fear that Pete was falling 
victim to a therapist that was extracting phony memories.  I believe this 
was around the time that there was much publicity around therapy opening up it *creating* memories?
I don't believe Scott felt he had any evidence, but was just stating a 

Corrections, and edits welcome....

Kevin in VT

P.S.  Jon,....nice post. 

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