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 Pete's autobio will make fascinating reading but it will probably be difficult to classify it: Fiction or Non-fiction?
 I'm sure it will have elements of both.
 And "who he" is dumb.
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  >What's your reason for thinking Pete recovered this memory through a 
>quack shrink?  Has he talked about that process?  I was a little 
>surprised by the amount of detail.  I thought Pete had mentioned 
>that the memories were more vague than that.
>Jim M

Just wanted to toss in here that I'm certainly not saying the 
writings are not true.  They may be the absolute truth.  It's just 
that over the years I've seen Pete give so many different answers to 
the same question that I've come to question his truthfulness in any 
given statement.  If I can find about three statements about the same 
thing I can usually piece together something I call the truth.  Until 
then, I remember what he says, but as pieces of the myth, the legend. 
Hell, it was only fairly recently he admitted to outright lying to 
interviewers back when they were getting started (e.g., spending 
hundreds of pounds a week on clothes) just to get the publicity.  For 
better or worse, he can and does play the media like a violin.

It's got to be frustrating, though, to be met with skepticism when he 
does pour out "the truth as he sees it."

Reminds me of a John all know about the spider symbol 
in his writing, the necklaces, etc.  He really did love spiders (and 
all animals, actually) and knew a lot about them.  He told me he 
would get very frustrated when trying to talk to random fans about 
the Mexican red-kneed tarantula (over a post-show drink, I suspect) 
and they'd laugh their asses off, thinking he was putting them on.

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."
     --Pete Townshend, 1967

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