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Sorry, Pete 
— Tim Cain @ 12:32 am

Mike Osegueda of the Fresno Bee recently published an e-mail Q&A he conducted with Pete Townshend, guitar player and creative force behind The Who.

He asked Townshend a legitimate question, and since Osegueda (and you and I, for that matter) have no idea about Townshend’s tone (it being difficult to communicate the true intent of the answer without the speaker’s intonation), I’ll leave it to you to interpret:

Q: What do you say to fans who are sketchy about seeing the show since it’s only half of the original band? 
A: Wait a little longer; Roger (Daltrey, singer and the other surviving member of the group) and I will both die, then you’ll be able to save even more money relying on your ancient memories.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds a little bit like a “Go away, son, you’re bothering me” kind of answer.

There was a time when I admired Townshend because he seemed so real, so close to what I was. Many rock stars placed themselves above their audience. In the 1970s, Townshend freely admitted his life struggles with us.

In 1982, I saw The Who for the only time. It was five years after drummer Keith Moon’s death, and it was billed as their "farewell tour." (Apparently The Who was the originator of the Spinal Tap thought that "it's not THE farewell tour, it's A farewell tour.") At least they were playing songs from "It’s Hard," a new album that wasn't great, but at least it was new.

They kept reuniting, kept raising the ticket prices, kept adding personnel on stage, to the point where the band that was present in my "ancient memories" didn’t exist any more, except on record and compact disc and video.

At some point, Pete Townshend put his legacy on the block, willing to sell it to the highest bidder. "Save even more money"? Sorry, Pete. I got out of your line years ago. 

-Brian in Atlanta 
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