Pete Townshend (who he?) - Prologue / setlist

Tue Feb 27 18:15:54 PST 2007

y know, I don't think pete would lie openly about an incident such as that.  
even if, as schrade said it, some "quack therapist" got it out of him, how 
could pete be so specific? I couldn't make it up anyway. wouldn't dare. maybe 
there's something I don't know about psycho analysm? I don't know very much about 
it in the first place, but still. 

and about the setlists.  y know, think about the big concert draws. most of 
them are known for changing the setlist each night. which could be a reason why 
alot of people go see them amongest others. the stones usually rehearse like 
1,000 songs from their catalogue so they can play different sets each night. 
they have video backdrops as well, though probably not as much as the who these 
days. there are some exceptions, like mccartney and madonna who don't change 
their sets. madonna is excusible since her shows (and others like it) are like 
broadway productions, and they very rarely change, if at all. but the others 
like to play around with their setlists (even U2 does to a certain degree), 
and those are the live bands that I enjoy mostly (although I can't stand those 
"jam bands" myself).  want proof? where were the who on the 2006 list for top 
concert draws?   unless they determine on their own who was big and who wasn't, 
then I'm just referring to an invisible being. 

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