So Much Stuff I couldn't possible Sum it all up in One Subject Line

Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Feb 27 15:53:41 PST 2007

> I'm not clear hear on whether it's the original Quad or the 
> Soundtrack version being discussed here.

I think both comments were about the original QUAD.  I couldn't
locate the old comment in the IGTC archives.  I think they were 
made in the same Uncut magazine interview in which Pete pissed
off Queenie, Entwistle's mum.  (Pete later apologized.)  I'll have
to try to dig that out & look at it.

> The way I see it (and I may have some facts wrong here): the 
> original album was:
> * produced by Pete
> * had a muddy bass sound, way down in the mix
> * So John was never very happy with it
> * but Pete was.

I wouldn't say the bass sound on the original QUAD was low
in the mix.  It's pretty high in the mix, IMO.  But you're right,
the bass sound on the soundtrack album is more distinct & trebly.  
I prefer the bass sound on the original album.  It's fuller. (Rachel?)

> It doesn't take long to thing of a huge list of suitable songs.
> He does this on Attic Jam all the time, so why not during The 
> Who's show?  

Well, Pete said *this* in the Long Beach interview:

"[Roger's] not keen on taking chances, and to be honest I only 
like to do that outside the Who, not inside it."

So, there ya' go.  Pete only likes taking chances away from The Who.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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