Frettin' the Fresno Bee Interview....

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at
Tue Feb 27 15:40:00 PST 2007

>Scott Schrade
>Pete interview in the Long Beach Press-Telegram
<Fresno Bee Interview

>> Q: What do you say to fans who are sketchy about seeing the show since 
>> it's
>> only half of the original band?
>> A: Wait a little longer; Roger and I will both die, then you'll be able 
>> to save even
>> more money relying on your ancient memories. In Russian, according to 
>> Tarkovsky,
>> nostalgia can be translated to mean "sickness," a kind of diseased 
>> longing for the
>> old country, the old values, the old smells.
>D'oh!  Harsh!  But the truth hurts.  Pete slammed me on that one.

"Let your tears flow, let your past go......."
I chuckled when I first read that, and thought about a number of youz, 
Cousin Schrade included.

Not much longer from now, the song will *really* be over.
I say ride it while it's still bucking.

Kevin in VT

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