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Tue Feb 27 13:46:02 PST 2007

>I'm constantly looking at photos on and wondering why I  don't
>remember a particularly cool vide image in the background.   Too focused
>on the eyes and expressions of each of the players.
I think the video behind them is so sharp, colorful and brilliant that it  
adds very much to the experience of the show.  Watching the DVD's, I get  
something more with each view, let alone the times I've been there.  There  is so 
much information coming at us all at once.  The band, the music, the  video and 
the crowd reaction.  The Who is so intricate and deep. Don't you  think that 
I'm bound to react now?

>>Why can't live =  spontaneous
>>once in awhile?

>I think that would  be rare for the size of show and length of tour.
People paying out the *ss  want a professional and smooth show with all
the glitz and glimmer.
You  want to be "wowed."
I fear a spontaneous show would disappoint many  particularly if there
are miscues, re-starts, inevitable bickering on stage  about where to
I agree, Kev.  The shows are mainly for the masses that haven't  seen the Who 
and they have to cover the bases.  There is no possibility of  making 
everyone happy.  And we will never be happy.  We live on the  edge of what we didn't 

>That said, good post, and I too wish there were at least *some*  changes
to the set.
I would like that.  But this is a giant machine now.  They  aren't at a club 
and have to pay for many lives. There's  synthesizer/backing tracks, 6 band 
members onstage, a video to stay in time  with, and besides, the songs kick ass 
anyhow.  What I would like to see is  more jamming, but it won't work.  I 
think Pete does a great job of letting  it rip within the restraints they have.
If I want spontaneity, I'll go and see the ultimate set-list changing band  
because they're built that way on purpose. 
Actually, Pete with a guitar is what makes me stand in line for 5  hours.
>If it doesn't happen, I can only become more convinced that there  some
>sort of issue with Rachel having been the one to write the music,  and
>shared copyright, or some sort of nonsense like that.
I remember Mike S. asking Rachel about why they weren't playing that  one 
outside the bus at Joe's Pub II and she said something like "I know, I  helped 
write that song!"  Remember, Mike?
It would be nice to see a lot of changes, but how many people actually go  to 
see multiple shows?  A fraction.  I remember the days when just  seeing them 
felt as if we were stealing something.
Jon in Mi.

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