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Tue Feb 27 05:41:28 PST 2007

SCHRADE in Akron said:

> > John would have added what he always did to my music, his
> > depth and harmonic richness of sound, his eloquence and
> > humour as a player (musically), and his fluidity he was such a
> > vital part of the old Who sound as exemplified on "Quadro-
> > phenia," in my opinion the only Who record to capture him
> > partly because I produced it.

> Wait....didn't Pete, a few years back, *criticize* Entwistle
> for *overplaying* on QUAD?  Something to the effect of
> John stopped playing for the song & started playing for his
> ego?  Now Pete's taking credit for "capturing" Entwistle on

I'm not clear hear on whether it's the original Quad or the Soundtrack version being discussed here.

The way I see it (and I may have some facts wrong here): the original album was:
*	produced by Pete
*	had a muddy bass sound, way down in the mix
*	So John was never very happy with it
*	but Pete was.

Whereas the soundtrack was:

*	not produced by Pete (?)
*	bass was re-corded by John
*	bass much higher up in the mix
*	therefore, this is the album which John has said he was most happy with.

So does that explain why Pete voiced  two different opinions about John's bass playing on Quad, at different times?

Or was Pete referring to John's overplaying on LIVE versions of Quad songs?  I could understand that.

Kevin said:

> >Horrifying as in bad, or because of the description of his abuse?

> The latter, I'm sure.

Damn right.

Kevin then said:
> Sad to see Relay off the set already.  Hope it returns.
> Sad to see Mike Post Theme dropped

What show are you referring to?  Both songs were played in Reno.  Have I missed a show / setlist somewhere since then?

Relay is nice, but I can live without it.  There's better songs to be heard.

I doubt Mike Post Theme is "dropped" as such.  They played 11 Endless Wire songs the other night - they've got to draw the line somewhere.  I'm sure this song will get rotated in and out of the setlist during the rest of the tour.

re: setlists.

I'm starting to accept the fact that The Who are never going to make big changes to their setlist.  I can sort of see the technical difficulties involved in changing the backdrops, lighting, guitars, etc.  Other bands may be able to manage it, but not our Who.  We've been moaning about it for several years, but nothing's changed.  Live with it.

But what I still can't understand, is Pete's solo guitar bit in the middle.  In the last few years he's played little more than: 

*	Drowned
*	I'm One
*	Heart to Hang Onto
*	Greyhound Girl

(Have I missed any?). 

And nothing more.  I can't understand this.  Pete could easily play a different song every night, without worrying about rehearsing, lighting, backdrops, or whether Zak knows how to play it.  

I'm thinking of songs like:

*	Tattoo
*	Mary
*	A Quick One
*	Blue Red and Grey
*	Happy Jack
*	Acid Queen
*	Sunrise
*	Can you help the one you Really Love?

It doesn't take long to thing of a huge list of suitable songs.

He does this on Attic Jam all the time, so why not during The Who's show?  This would give the audience a thrill, and give the illusion of having a variable and surprising setlist.


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