Win a Tommy pinball machine autographed by Pete!

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Tue Feb 27 03:50:09 PST 2007

Stern Pinball, Inc 
The pinball wizard is back! 
The Who’s legendary guitarist, Pete Townshend, signed the pinball machine 

The pinball wizard is back! Sirius Satellite Radio is having a giveaway contest for a The Who’s TOMMY pinball machine by Data East Pinball (now Stern Pinball). TOMMY composer and The Who’s legendary guitarist, Pete Townshend, signed the pinball machine.

The contest has already started. To enter, visit:

The contest ends on March 16, 2007, and one needs not be a Sirius subscriber to enter.

Gary Stern says, “Sirius’ giveaway demonstrates that the story of ‘Tommy’ and its pinball theme are still vital today. ‘Tommy’ was a great album, movie, and pinball machine, and they continue to have relevance for both the old and young.”

Sirius Radio has a channel exclusively dedicated to The Who and their music. On Channel 29, they give information about The Who’s current tour, interviews with its members, and lots of favorite and obscure music from the band.

To learn more about Stern Pinball, visit To learn more about Sirius Satellite Radio, visit 

-Brian in Atlanta 
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