Pete Townshend (who he?) - Prologue

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at
Mon Feb 26 18:48:46 PST 2007

>Jim M
>Pete Townshend (who he?) - Prologue
>Horrifying as in bad, or because of the description of his abuse?

The latter, I'm sure.
I'm not sure how much more of that I'll be able to read.
I have an almost 5yo boy.
It's too damn vivid for me.
I could easily kill a man (at minimum beat him very close to death) for 
putting my kid through what Pete wrote.
And I'm sure it will get worse.

Side notes:
Good to have Rabbit back in the fold.
Sad to see Relay off the set already.  Hope it returns.
Sad to see Mike Post Theme dropped.  ??
Looking forward to It's Not Enough in DC.


Nice reviews, Duke !!

Kevin in VT 

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