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Mon Feb 26 14:37:21 PST 2007

Q: "What does the guy who wrote "hope I die before I get old" have to say  to 
the guy responding to this e-mail?"

A: (Pete) "The song was about a  state of mind. I have no idea how old you 
are, but at my age the words still  ring. When I look in the mirror and I accept 
I am getting older, getting old I  suppose, all I care about is that I remain 
true to my beliefs and my artistic  manifesto. To be truthful, I would rather 
die than live the way so many people I  see around me are happy with. I don't 
sneer at people who want to settle down  and rest. I get angry with those who 
stop fighting for a better world and stop  fighting for the truth. The boomer 
generation is almost out of steam now. Our  power is slipping away. But even 
while we were powerful, one thing we never  managed to do was to get our 
parents and grandparents to tell us how they really  felt about two world wars, the 
appearance of the bomb, and the relentless  battering we gave our planet. We 
never managed to touch their hearts, we just  frightened them. I think they 
felt so lucky to be alive, that they just didn't  want to think about the 
horrors they'd seen. Now I feel as if we are all just  starting to wake up at last. 
We are not safe from our enemies. Our planet is not  secure. We are 
responsible. We are not powerless."
Good Answer.
Jon in Mi.

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