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Christ O'mighty is there a private email to write to the moderater around 

Please pull this post asap Martin, thanks.


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Hello Martin,

Can you please remove this post.I accidently listed Nicola Joss(Pete's 
assistant) email addy
and it got back to her that I did and she asked me to have it removed.Thanks 
in advance.


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Lauren from Relayers heard a message on her voice mail of Simon singing 'Sex 
Change' and 
believed that it may of been of him at Fresno so I quickly emailed Pete's 
assistant Nicola
Joss and got it confirmed.Damn,how cool is that?!?

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It’s true!  The support band (Rose Hill Drive) got snowed in and couldn’t 
make it – I guess they must have still be in Lake Tahoe or Reno.  So Simon 
was a 
real trouper and got up and played the opening set.  He said he really 
enjoyed it.  But he really saved the day!!

And, yes, I am here in Fresno and I do have a BlackBerry but they have wifi 
in the Production Office and so I always bring my laptop to work with at 


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Hi Nic-

If  your out there at the Fresno show with one of those Blackberry thingy's 
can you tell me if
Simon opened up for The Who tonight?Someone said that he did but I don't know 
to believe it or not.


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