Pete Townshend (who he?) - Prologue

Jim M nakedi at
Mon Feb 26 06:52:51 PST 2007

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> Pete' has started to post his autobiography.

Thanks for the heads up!

> It's random,


> incoherent

I don't know.  It made sense to me.  Certainly more so than The Boy Who
Heard Music.

>and horrifying.

Horrifying as in bad, or because of the description of his abuse?  If you
meant bad, I'll disagree.  It looks OK to me.  This appears to be the
opening to the book.  It jumps around to give us a glimpse of the different
phases of Pete's life that are discussed and, hopefully, draw us into the
story.  I'm sure the rest of the book, even if it contains some flashback
scenes, won't be this "random."

Jim M

P.S. Congratulations on your "promotion"!

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