Johanna Johnson jmljohnson3 at
Sun Feb 25 11:11:58 CST 2007

>>Well, The Who won't be getting any money from old Mc in the states.  Given that setlist, >I'm shooting for Glastonbury in my first trip out of the United States.  Anyone interested in >making it a group adventure?  It seems the band varies the setlists more in Europe for >some reason.  They need to rotate the new songs each night to make room for other >material, like some Quad, WBN, maybe throw in I'm Free to the Tommy encore.  And >where is the best song from Endless Wire, It's not Enough?  It's a bit disillusioning.
>PS- I likely will be heading to see Billy Joel here in New Orleans Mar. 6 
  I heard Pete say that it is difficult to add different songs or change the set list because of all the lights, video screens, etc. that they have incorporated into the show, only slight deviations from that can be accomplished, certainly not changing the set list each night.
  I imagine it is all computerized and choreographed very precise.  It is quite an impressive show.  Do I expect to see something different next Thursday?  Naw...but I know I was blown away last November, so I think my expectations are in check.
  I guess if we want to see spontanity, we can watch old Who videos from the 60's and 70's.

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