Lifehouse Chronicles

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Sat Feb 24 15:06:40 CST 2007

I half-read this the other day, and didn't take much notice.  I must have
been sleep-surfing or something.  I've just read it again, and - wow!


There is a lot of excitement among the web-savvy insiders at Eelpie. In
April we plan the launch of the Lifehouse Method website. This is a site you
will go and visit, log on, and after entering some simple facts about
yourself, and doing some simple tasks, will receive your very own, exclusive
and unique piece of music. One third of the copyright in this piece will
belong to you. If by some miracle it got used for a TV commercial for
Coca-Cola you would be able to buy yourself a new hybrid biodegradable car.
The first piece of music we generate for you will be completely free. Along
with this site we are launching an iTunes collection of some wonderful
elaborations of early Method experiments by Lawrence Ball. Lawrence is the
co-writer of Fragments on the latest Who album Endless Wire. Of course,
Lifehouse Method was what back in 1971 I described to the Who as 'Barrel
Two' of the Lifehouse (Who's Next) project I was working on for the band.
'Barrel One' was the fiction, a simple and naiive film script later realized
as radio play in Lifehouse Chronicles.

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