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>>That sounds fantastic.  Anyone got a first hand account to  share?

>JON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Come  in............JON!!!!!

>While we wait for Jon.....
Who, he?
Ok.  That Rolling Stone review pretty much summed the show up. Except  I got 
to see it from right behind Rachel's piano  seat <ahem> while eating a 
delicious Ribeye steak with the  lovely and well connected Cynthia from IGTC and 
other parts unknown.
We waited in line outside of Joe's pub for what we thought would be  standing 
room for the better part of 5 hours.  There were no VIP tickets  sold, so we 
thought, and were just glad to be there to see the show and  see our fellow 
obsequious sycophants. (I learned those two words while  waiting in that line)  
We saw George L., and a bunch of Relayers outdoing  us IGTCers once more.  IF 
I remember correctly, there was Laurie, Joyce,  Meg, Brian, Lisa Lisa, 
Corkface, Jack, Windsweptandinterested, and myself to  keep one another warm and take 
turns holding places in line with so we could get  a break for a while. The 
rest showed up at a sane hour.
There was a Starbucks about a block away and Cynthia and I went  there to 
warm up and well, get coffee and use the bathroom.  After getting  back I felt 
funny to have gone to a Starbucks.  I felt judged by the line  holders who 
didn't go there. Who fans in a Starbucks????... But I  don't give a shit about that 
no how and besides, I got to piss in their  toilet.  
The show we were waiting for started at 9:30 and doors opened around  9.  But 
the show before ours was some Japanese show and Japanese people  kept getting 
into our line.  I said a few Chinese words that I know to see  if they would 
look but then I figured that since there are *two* Asian  countries, they must 
be Japanese instead because they didn't respond. There were  some pretty 
sharp dressers and this cool looking dude with a hat that I  made a mental note 
of.  We sent them to the front of our line.  But  they kept getting into the 
back. We could tell by how they looked that they  weren't with our band.  We were 
racists.  But they were warm, well  dressed, and rather un obsequious.
Ok, fast forward to 9:0 something...  Cynthia and I were sent to  numbers 2 
and 3 in the line. Yeaaahhhh!!!  We were the second and third  craziest that 
day and the rest felt bad for that I guess.  -Until they  started letting us in, 
and then it was every man for themselves.  I was  just focusing on following 
George.  I knew he knew how to weasel his way to  the best places.  But we 
passed the dude collecting tickets and were told  to go to the back of the line!  
George smooth talked the dude and I just  stayed put as Cynthia coolly handed 
her ticket to the dude and I did the same  and just followed her TO THE FRONT 
OF THE STAGE!  We had Rachel in front of  us and Nicola Joss behind us.  I 
started to wonder how it is that these  things happen like this.
The show starts.  Rachel's Bum is right there.  There is a  curtain from back 
stage that Pete peers through quickly.  Rachels starts  playing the Eels' 
"It's a Motherfucker" so sweetly with her fantastic voice  while playing chords 
on that piano that gave me chills.  Pete came out  to play along.  It was so 
romantic to be there in the candlelight in  that atmosphere with those people 
listening to It's a Motherfucker  together.
I enjoyed all the guests. Amos Lee had one hell of a voice. Rachel Yamagata  
has two million hits on her MySpace and needs a new car and is sensational. 
Buy  her CD. I didn't much like J. Mascis -until Pete joined him playing 
Listening to  You and he stepped on his pedal and solo-ed his ass off.
But the real treat was what you knew it would be.  Pete helped those  people 
do what they do and then he came on and cleared the stage of everyone  making 
it plain to all who the master is. I saw him play Acid Queen.  The  Real Me.  
Drowned. WGFA.  All acoustic.  NO BAND NEEDED.  No  one can beat Pete 
Townshend.  It was like they all had flashlights and the  sun suddenly came out.
And, as if that weren't enough, Lou Reed came on with Pete at the end and  
they jammed together!  Heck, Lou Reed even brought up Jack White.  And  Pete 
made sure we knew that he was better than him.
But I already knew that.
Jon in Mi.
Oh yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this dude from a list  that 
had his list name printed on the front of his shirt.   LOL!!

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