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> If all this wasn't enough, as the clock approached midnight Lou Reed came 
> onstage. I could be wrong (and I'm sure the commenters will correct me), but I 
> don't think he's ever played with Townshend prior to this. The leaders of 
> two of the greatest '60s bands sat side-by-side and launched into "I'm Waiting 
> for the Man." They followed it up with "White Light /White Heat," a choice 
> Reed said was inspired by seeing Jack White play it recently. "Yeah, well, I'm 
> better than Jack!" Townshend joked. They closed out the all too brief set 
> with a beautiful rendition of "Pale Blue Eyes" from the Velvet Underground's 
> 1969 eponymous third album. Every previous In The Attic show has ended with a 
> jam featuring all the guests, but apparently realizing nothing could top the 
> Townshend/Reed duets the show simply ended as a stunned crowd emptied onto the 
> street. 

ok, I'll give in. does someone have this in any form? 

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