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Wed Feb 21 11:12:39 CST 2007

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> I think I remember Pete saying a few months ago that he's already finished
> writing up to 1969.  So 45-69 is all he has so far.  It's a good idea to
> start releasing what he has so far, rather than let us wait years for full
> story.

Right, but does that part get published as soon as it's ready or is he still
intending a complete (so far) biography?

> So, Book Two will consist of little more than:
> "... no one understood me about Lifehouse ... no one understood me about
> Quadrophenia ... no one understood me about Who By Numbers ... poor Moonie
> died ... never really liked that Kenney bloke ... no one understood me
> not wanting to be in The Who any more ... poor John died ... and then we
> released Endless Wire.  The End."

I don't think Pete couild be that concise if his life depended on it!  But,
why call it *Book One*?  Doesn't that suggest it will actually be published
as separate titles?

Jim M

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