Martin Bailey mobailey at ntlworld.com
Wed Feb 21 10:59:18 CST 2007

Jim M noticed:

> "Featuring excerpts from my forthcoming memoirs. Book One - 1945-1969; and
> matters including occasional fictions."

> Does that mean we're going to get 1 book that only covers up to 1969, with
> suggestion that more will follow?

I think I remember Pete saying a few months ago that he's already finished
writing up to 1969.  So 45-69 is all he has so far.  It's a good idea to
start releasing what he has so far, rather than let us wait years for full

But, I imagine that 45-69 is actually going to be the biggest chunk of the
autobiography.  Every biography I've ever read starts off slowly, so that
the first 25 years takes up around 75% of the story.  For example, rock
star's biographies will go into great detail about how the band met, and
whole chapters on recording the first single and first album.  Then, by the
time that they're into the second decade of their careers, the story speeds
up so that each single only gets a brief mention (eg: "Oh, and by the way,
they also released Join Together / Relay in this year".)

So, Book Two will consist of little more than:

"... no one understood me about Lifehouse ... no one understood me about
Quadrophenia ... no one understood me about Who By Numbers ... poor Moonie
died ... never really liked that Kenney bloke ... no one understood me about
not wanting to be in The Who any more ... poor John died ... and then we
released Endless Wire.  The End."


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