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>From the Cleveland Plain-Dealer: 

Voinovich goes kosher, GOP digs The Who 
Posted by Stephen Koff February 20, 2007 16:12PM 
Speaking of raising money, what goes better with fund-raising and Republicans (besides a good kosher steak) than Pete Townshend smashing a guitar to smithereens? 

When The Who stops by Washington's Verizon Center on March 8, at least four GOP members of Congress will host lobbyists and other donors willing to pay $1,500 a ticket to see the concert alongside a lawmaker. The Hill hipsters hosting separate Who concert/political fund-raisers are, according to the National Republican Congressional Committee's event calendar: Kay Granger of Texas, Greg Walden of Oregon, Darrell Issa of California (he grew up in Cleveland Heights) and Mary Bono of California (whose tastes are eclectic, obviously). 

You could skip the fund-raisers and get a ticket on eBay right now for $270, but you'd miss all that political fun. What ever happened to the days when the GOP was the party of Pat Boone? 

-Brian in Atlanta 
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