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Tue Feb 20 20:29:40 CST 2007

>Jim M nakedi
>"Featuring excerpts from my forthcoming memoirs. Book One - 1945-1969; and 
>current matters including occasional >fictions."
>Does that mean we're going to get 1 book that only covers up to 1969, with 
>the suggestion that more will follow?

Yeah, it sounds like he'll be employing comments again from fans, and will 
be fine tuning the project piece by piece.
I'm scratching my head....
How are we to advise on his autobiography??
What ever.
Go, Pete go!

Here's a recent Pete quote that I'm quite interested in at the moment....

 "We would like to rehearse 'It's Not Enough,' as this was the first song 
(on 'Endless Wire') taken up by radio -- but I'm not sure we have time. We 
also want to correct the fact there is currently no song from 'Quadrophenia' 
in the set. So changes are planned, but not promised."

No time?
Make time!

Here's another Pete quote I really like...

"I plan another round of songwriting this coming autumn. Then we'll see what 

March 8 and the DC show is fast approaching.
Looking forward to another show with Stu in MD, and this time my wife will 
be there too.
I hope they're not looking past this US leg to the Euro. tour.  It's been 
such a long time off since the last leg, this seems almost like an after 
thought.  Let's hope they come out with new vigor, energy, and a well rested 
voice on Rog.

I'm tuning back into The Who, the new album, and their entire catalog 
We've gotten a bunch of snow here recently (like 3ft in 24 hours last week) 
and I've entered the world of riding to music.
Yep, MP3 player with ear-buds under my helmet has opened a whole new and 
wondrous way of experiencing The Who and snowboarding solo.
Some of my favorite moments this past week were riding through a secluded 
run called Solitude....at Bolton...through the woods with cliffs around, and 
listening to The Rock from Quad.
Young Man Blues while absolutely angrily blistering a fresh powder run under 
the North Lynx lift at Sugarbush.
There were so many moments where I thought to myself "man, I've got to tell 
friends about this run with this song...."
I'm already looking at helmets with integrated speakers.

anyone heading to DC, where's the pre-show gathering????
Gas up the cars, get on your gear, and let's go dancing!

Kevin in VT

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