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pete townshend - (who he?)
Featuring excerpts from the serialized memoirs of Pete Townshend of The Who.
Book One - 1945-1969. And other current matters arising including various

Sunday, February 18, 2007
Sunday afternoon. Arrived in New York last night. Ready for action. Five
weeks of road work ahead all over the USA including a brief foray to Mexico
City, and an appearance as the keynote speaker at SxSW in Austin. Yes, I
have thought of what to talk about. No I am not going to talk about it
before I get there.

On Wednesday, in the middle of packing, I suddenly realized at about 3.00
p.m. that if I didn't get in my car and drive, I would miss seeing the first
official workshop theatre production of Quadrophenia. A short run directed
by Tom Critchley was showing in Cardiff performed by students from the Welsh
College of Music and Drama, and finished last night. On an impulse I set off
West down the M4 Motorway, and three hours later was watching the show.

It is a wonderful beginning. I am far too embarrassed to admit how much was
in the budget; it was quite a bit less than I spent on a simple music
workshop at Bush Hall in London a few years ago. The Cardiff show was a
conventional production in two acts, and that made me very happy - I'm keen
that whatever happens with Quadrophenia in its theatrical incarnation
doesn't preclude it from being seen in older theatres. It featured young,
energetic company, and a terrific band with horns and strings. John O'Hara
was the Music Director and orchestrator, and he was very faithful to the
nuances that make this piece my favourite. The choreography, set design and
lighting were all excellent. There were some wonderful moments in the play,
but have high hopes we will move on to another production level soon, so I
won't give too much away. What is important to say is that everyone threw so
much passion, talent, energy and wonderment into their work that I felt
humbled .
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