Bribe your congresswoman with The Who!

Fri Feb 16 06:38:32 CST 2007

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> That big talk resulted in some new legislation that was designed, at least 
> on the surface, to put the quietus on this treacherous mutual back-scratching 
> culture. But the addiction of the House of Representatives to the largess of 
> lobbyists has proven more difficult to kick than crack cocaine. 
> The relapse came by way of, you guessed it, a loophole. Under the new game 
> plan, lawmakers are inviting lobbyists to a number of expensive, oh-so-fun 
> outings such as expensive birthday parties, wine-tasting tours, drinks at posh 
> D.C. eateries, golf tournaments, rock concerts, Broadway shows -- you know, 
> all the good stuff. 
> Who's paying for all the fun? The lobbyists, as usual, but instead of 
> brazenly picking up the congressmen's tabs (a no-no in the new ethical Congress) 
> they instead pay a political fund-raising committee established by -- you 
> guessed it again -- the lawmakers. The committee then picks up the tab. 
> Here's an example of the "new way." According to a recent story in the New 
> York Times, Rep. Mary Bono (R-CA), along with two other members of Congress, 
> has invited lobbyists along to join them at a March Who concert in Washington. 
> "They're her favorite rock 'n' roll band," said Bono's chief of staff Frank 
> Cullen. Yes, he actually said that. 
> We like The Who too, and would also love to see Pete Townsend doing his 
> trademark windmill guitar and scissors jumps. Unlike Bono, though, we'd have to 
> pay for it ourselves.

well, first of all, this is a sad and sick government, let's face it.  and 
secondly, it's sad that sonny bono was a republican and his widow has taken 
over. ha. **another editorial from the twisted and equally sick mind behind 
JOELTLE515** : )

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